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Corporate Engagement Manager

Ditayangkan 7 April 2020
  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in any field
  2. Required language(s): English
  3. At least 5 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  4. Required Skill(s): Public Speaking, Corporate Engagement, Government Relation
  5. Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Corporate Strategy/Top Management or equivalent
  6. Fluently in English
  1. Supporting and enabling business- commercial to achieve its vision on short term, medium and longer term business priority trough sustainability environment and preventing external factors & trend impact the Ewindo business objective
  2. Securing conducive environment for what we do through supportive policies and political approaches by having good relationship with ID Government to develop trust & commitment by Politics & Policy
  3. How do we shape supportive policies, political approaches through our theme/agenda
  4. Relationships, Advocates & Coalitions
  5. Where do we need reach and how do we leverage stakeholders and coalitions to advocate policy objective
  6. Strengthen Relationship & Communication to develop trust & commitment
  7. Establish Collaboration & Coalitions to build alignment between Ewindo & Partners through PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  8. Which products, platforms, other (site ops) do we need to enable
  9. Build strong collaboration with key stakeholders
  10. Which stakeholders/influencers can help us tell Ewindo story
  11. Manage Issues
  12. What challenges should we prepare for and how will we response
  13. Community Support
  14. What role should CSR/Ewindo projects play to community
  15. Internal Communication
  16. How can we use the voice of our executives and employees to increase our engagement
  17. Increase EWINDO visibility to have better company reputation and leadership on key stakeholders (ID Government, University, Farmers, Media, NGO - Association, and Consumers) by involving in relevant event and initiative and have alignment with business objective
Apply by sending email to: with subject (position that you want to apply)

Strategic Leadership Trainee

Ditayangkan 7 April 2020
  1. Candidates must possess at least Master’s degree any field, (prefer overseas university)
  2. At least 1 year of working experience, Project Management, cross functional strategic and implementation projects
  3. High analytical thinking and sound presentation skills
  4. Excellent interpersonal skill, strong leadership and managerial skill
  5. Passion in Project Management
  6. Fast learner, proactive, and willing to put extra efforts at work with high achievement and result orientation
  7. Excellent communicaton in English, both written and verbal
  8. Placement in Head Office Purwakarta
  1. Executing all aspects of a strategic project program management (supporting program, resource forecast, etc)
  2. Supporting timely completion of project deliverables. Additionally support tracking issues and monitoring issues
  3. Engaging with cross functional teams to deliver the project obsjectives
  4. Developing strong relationships with all project stakeholders
Apply by sending email to: with subject (position that you want to apply)

Talent Acquisition & Development Manager

Ditayangkan 18 Mei 2020
  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree/Post Graduate Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Human Resource Management, Psychology or equivalent
  2. Required language(s): English
  3. At least 5 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  4. Required Skill(s): Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Performance Management, HR Data Management & Analytic
  5. Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Human Resources or equivalent
  6. Experienced gained preferably from working in matrixed/international organization in the life science industries with commercial, manufacturing and R&D Operations
  7. Willing work in Purwakarta
1. Talent Acquisition
  1. Drives workforce planning to help the business determine talent and capability requirements for the current and the future business stage
  2. Directs the Talent Acquisition team in effectively hiring and onboarding the right talents; manages the seamless execution of the process to ensure positive candidate experience
  3. Provides training , coaching and guidance to the managers in understanding and using the processes required to support the effective talent acquisition and workforce planning
2. Talent Management
  1. Drives the implementation of talent review and succession planning process: facilitates the identification, assessment, and calibration of talents across functions; facilitates the succession planning. Guides managers in crafting focused individual development plans (IDPs) for identified talents. Monitors the implementation of agreed talent actions
  2. Works with the leadership teams in identifying opportunities for continuously growing and building talents using various initiatives such as internship programs, business projects, mentoring/coaching, cross-postings and other unique, creative, localized talent development initiatives
  3. Promotes continuous opportunities for learning, innovation, and growth (ie, COLIG). Ensures that managers are properly trained and are able to effectively conduct contribution conversations, career conversations with their employees and can stimulate the process for generating new and innovative ideas from their teams
3. Learning and Development
  1. Facilitates the process for identifying and analyzing capability gaps that impact the achievement of business strategies and priorities
  2. Provides advice and coaching to managers on appropriate learning and development solutions to address identified gaps
  3. Sets up the process for establishing a functional and leadership competency development model that supports career laddering
4. Performance Management
  1. Manages the effective implementation of the performance management system and process; ensures that the annual goals setting, performance reviews (midyear and year-end) and alignment process with matrix managers/other stakeholders are done with quality and consistency through a performance calibration process
  2. Coaches managers on how to initiate performance improvement plans and ensure a robust and compliant process for managing performance issues
5. HR Data Management & Analytics
  1. Ensures that there is a systematic process for gathering, collating , analyzing and reporting data
  2. Uses HR data analytics in providing insights to and guiding management in making the right people and organization decisions
Apply by sending email to: with subject (position that you want to apply)

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